Betsy M Kelly


Betsy Kelly, a painter in Rockville, MD, majored in art as an undergraduate and attended graduate school in pottery and design. After a detour career in banking, she took courses in botanical art.

Betsy paints portraits of plants in her garden, wildflower fields and public gardens. Her still life subjects come from her home collection. She is fascinated with old painting techniques and materials. Her oil paintings are created on linen canvas or wood panels and mix methods used by Old Masters (slowly building up many thin layers of paint) with her own personal techniques. She does not create many paintings in a year due to the length of time each one takes to paint. 

Her work was shown in the Corcoran Gallery of Art group exhibition, "Botanical Treasures of Lewis and Clark," in 2006. Her first solo show was held at the Arts Club of Washington. Betsy's work was shown in a Studio 155 group exhibition at the Delaware Art Museum, at the Cosmos Club in Washington DC, and at the Adah Rose Gallery.

Most of the paintings on this website are in private collections. Betsy feels her paintings should be seen to be appreciated and for this reason does not make sales online. 

Horse Conch

Horse Conch